The opportunity to learn of a new world-changing idea, or to roll up our sleeves alongside the talented entrepreneurs with whom we partner, is what gets us going in the morning. By providing capital, and support and assistance in strategy and execution, we help entrepreneurs create something lasting, great, and rewarding for all involved.

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The Rise Of The Spoon-Fed Internet
I wasa long-time iGoogle user, and iGoogle went away November 1, 2013. iGoogle was Google's personal homepage: one page on which my favorite news feeds and current information like weather and stock indexes appeared. Why did something that is so useful to me disappear? The answer, of course, is: relatively few people use it.  The official Google blog explains: "We originally launched iGoogl… More

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New Atlantic Ventures (NAV) is an early-stage venture capital fund based in Northern Virginia and Cambridge, Massachusetts. We focus on businesses in high-growth emerging mass markets. We are active investors and play an active role within our companies. We partner with entrepreneurs who have the energy, vision, experience and passion to build great companies and help them succeed through hands-on team building, partnerships, advice and support.

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Scott Johnson
I think of growing a business as a creative pursuit, like creating a building or a great musical composition. The entrepreneur is an artist, and our role as investors is to provide the medium (c… More

Scott Johnson — Managing Partner

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